Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One of those days

I will admit that I am a bit pissy today. Everybody seems ready to get out of here tomorrow. I know I'm ready for them to leave. Emotions have run all over the place for people this last week. Tired and drained and glad Spring Break is here to save the day. Got a party planned tonight for the Girl's Basketball team. That should be fun. Tonight is also the last night of the evangelistic series. The students have done a great job. Just can't wait until tomorrow afternoon when I can relax in my recliner and watch the Kansas game. Love the fact the Nebreska just upset Missouri in the Big 12 tournament. Hilarious. Let's hope KU doens't turn around and do the same thing. Texas Tech is a good team, and I'm worried about the early start time. Wouldn't be surprised to see Kansas come out a little sluggish. Shouldn't matter in the end though.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Resume Time

Started working on the resume today. Was nice to be able to put some actually experience on there instead of just saying "I worked at camp." Got to get that thing finalized and sent out as soon as possible.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

LOTR, Lacrosse, and Cole Aldrich

It was decided last night that a Lord of the Rings marathon was in order. Kyle, Stephanie, Darcy, and I gave it out best shot, but only made it halfway through the second film. We are as I write this finishing the third one, extended version I might add. I'm only half paying attention. Seen Return of the King to many times. One of the greatest films of all time though.
I went to my first lacrosse match today. My good friend Brianne was playing at a tournament at Kansas University. She plays for Dana College who along with Missouri, Nebraska, and Kansas made up the four teams of the tournament. Dana lost the first game to Kansas 8-3 but then bounced back with thumping of Nebraska 9-2. Brianne had a goal and it was pretty cool to watch. 4 hour round trip though. It was worth it. Took a stroll around downtown Lawrence afterwards and walked right past Cole Aldrich. Didn't want to bother him, or maybe I was too scared. Probably both, but I just walked right on by. I did want to say something to him about his put back dunk against Mizzou when he made Keith Ramsey eat his nuts. I did the next best thing... I went and purchased a Cole Aldrich jersey.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I predicted the Jayhawks to have 3 losses on the season. Very happy with a 29-2 record to end the regular season. But it means nothing if KU comes up empty handed in March. Big 12 tournament starts next Wednesday with Kansas getting a first round bye. They will play the winner of the Colorado/Texas Tech game on Thursday. Regardless of what happens in this conference tourny the Hawks should be a #1 seed. But a win in KC will be a top priority for the Jayhawks in preparation for the MADNESS.
Today Kansas played great in spurts. Just like the first match up against Mizzou, Kansas turned the ball way to much. And were often just plain careless. But KU's defense was down right smothering at times. MU missed some shots but KU was in their grill for most of it. Tyrel Reed continues to hit big shots and played some great D. Markieff again came off the bench to spark KU's inside dominance. Tyshawn Taylor made some questionable mistakes but there is no doubt he is playing better. His play could be the difference come tournament time. Cole's put back dunk tonight was just redunkuless, and should be on espn tonight. But Cole just has not been playing as well on offense and almost seems hesitant at times. Just go and dunk it big man. He defense though is game changing.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sherron Collins

In the era of one and done the story of a big time recruit staying at college for 4 years is rare. Yet Sherron Collins did just that and is set to be one of the greatest Kansas Jayhawks in its storied history. He already has the all time wins record. Each night he passes somebody on the points list. And each game he adds to his already glorious legacy. In his four years at KU, Kansas has won 4 Big 12 regular season titles. 2 conference tournament titles, with another possible. And 1 National Championship. With another one of those very possible as well. Collins came back to win it all this year, and there would be no better way to send out one of the greatest Jayhawks of all time. Thank you Sherron for all the great memories. I wish you the best, and hope some NBA team sees what a winner and competitor you are. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!
And by the way, KU sent the little kitties home last night 82-65. Great play from Xavier Henry, Tyshawn Taylor, and Markieff Morris helped KU get past slow starts from both superstars (Collins, Cole Aldrich). Collins caught fire later in the second half to help put the game out of reach. If Kansas can beat a team like K-State with no help from its 2 biggest stars in the first half, then things are looking good. The game against Missouri this weekend will be another good test to see where the Jayhawks are at. If Kansas continues to play well there should be no reason they don't win the conference tournament starting next week. Rebounding and perimeter defense must improve if that is going to happen though. Great, great win last night for KU. 59 in row now at "The Phog". Sherron went out in style in his last home game as a Kansas Jayhawk.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What arm?

Has my closest friends can attest, in college I was rather cocky about my throwing arm. Seemed to think it was a rocket or something stupid like that. The older I've gotten the more I realize that its a very ordinary arm. To prove my point I was just out throwing the football around with some of my students and got this great idea. Let's try and throw the football over the tallest tree. In my limited defense the students tried it first. Well somehow I managed to get the dumb football stuck at the very top of the tree. The only thing at our immediate disposal was a tennis ball. The next 30 minutes was spent chucking a tennis ball at our stuck football. It only took me half of that 30 minutes to realize that even if the tennis manage to hit the football it probably wouldn't do anything. The second 15 minutes was spent deciding what else to throw. How about another football? First try the 2nd football seemed to get stuck for a few seconds and then fell down. On my second try both footballs feel successfully to the ground. Rocket arm my ass.